RAMTS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Testability and Safety) Analysis are one of the main field of NEMOTEC activity. With its experience in the Military Engeneering, NEMOTEC has carried out various projects following civil and military products and equipment from the start-up phases in the design process, to the final delivery and related support analysis.
    NEMOTEC is able to join the reliability studies and the logistic support with the certification risk assessment and analysis (see link), ensuring the full compliance of the product to the technical regulations in force in the Final Client area, adjusting all the maintenance engineering and the related documentation to the Client’s requirements.
    integrated support logistic analysis
    NEMOTEC guarantees its expertise in carrying out the following services:
    • PBS (Product Breakdown Structure) and LBS (Logistic Breakdown Structure) analysis
    • Reliability prediction and MTBF evaluation of mechanical equipment
    • Reliability prediction and MTBF evaluation of mechanical of electric and electronic equipment 
    • Functional Analysis and interaction studies between Hardware and Software
    • Cause and effect analysis
    • FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis)
    • FMECA - Criticality Analysis
    • Fault Tree Analysis
    fmeca fmea analysis

    Technical Standards: MIL-STD 1629A, IEC 60812, ISO 14224
    Tools: PTC Relex Studio



    NEMOTEC performs analysis aimed at optimizing the maintenance process, in order to maximize the operational availability of the products, machineries, industrial plants and equipment and to ensure a full Integrated Logstic Support (ILS) engineering study. Starting from the design of the product, NEMOTEC supports its Client in highlighting the best maintenance policy and the related support informations that the final users will need to manage the entire life cycle of the system.

    The services provided by NEMOTEC in this area are:

    • Definition and design of the full Maintenance Policy
    • Maintenance analysis – “TPM” (Total Productive Maintenance) model
    • Maintenance analysis – “RCM” (Reliability Centered Maintenance) model
    • “LORA” (Level of Repair Analysis) Analysis
    • Maintenance Skill evaluation
    • Maintenance Task Analysis (corrective and preventive maintenance, replacing task, repairing, …)
    • Spare parts analysis and Support Equipment evaluation
    • LSAR Logistic Support Analysis Record and Database (MIL-STD 1388)

  • Sicurezza SoftwareAnalisi sicurezza software

    NEMOTEC’s internal team includes qualified and experienced personnel in software design and evaluation, able to interface the safety technical standards and regulations (see certification field and functional safety) with the failure analysis, at the aim of preventing dangerous and critical effects and of increasing the reliability process in the software design phase.

    Reliability and Safety Analysis related the software design consists in:

    • Software Failure mode analysis – FMEA
    • Functional Analysis and interaction studies between Hardware and Software
    • Cause and effect analysis
    • Software Fault Tree Analysis
    • Validation studies and procedures
    • Functional test and analysis
    • Interfaces with any Notified Bodies maybe involved for the final certification of the system (when applicable).

  • User manuals


    NEMOTEC performs activities related to the User and Maintenance Manuals and all the other technical documentation defined by the logistic support analysis (procedures, spare parts lists, …). These activities are provided with a “turn-key” approach and the User and Maintenance Manuals are issued after a full and direct observation of the system and after a design analysis of the system’s parts and supplies.

    NEMOTEC provides the following activities:

    • Operating and Maintenance task evaluation and description
    • Safety procedures in operating and maintenance activities
    • Safety and Operational Testing procedures
    • User and Maintenance Manual according to the applicable safety technical standard (EN 12100, OSHA, MIL STD 882E, …)
    • User and Maintenance Manuals for mechanical, automation and process equipment
    • User and Maintenance Manuals for electric and electronic equipment
    • User and Maintenance Manuals for Military equipment
    • User and Maintenance Manuals for Military and civil ships and naval systems
    • User and Maintenance Manuals with “DataModules” structure – S1000D standard