NEMOTEC SRL, grows in collaborations and in the next industrial fields.

We are glad to announce the partnership with QB ROBOTICS, concerning the certification of products in the field of industrial and collaborative robotics.

Thanks to this partnership we started to collaborate with the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) and the  E. Piaggio Research Center of University of Pisa (PI), proud to be involved in such innovative and visionary projects.

A very, very, big thanks to friend Ing. Fabio Bonomo, to Ing. Manuel Catalano and their team, for trusting in us, for the patience and the perseverance to get the common targets: we’ll do our best to move these targets always to higher levels.

Thanks also to our program manager, ing. Paolo Zanasi for all the sleepless nights thinking of how to simplify industrial processes that aren’t so simple.

Ing. Riccardo Federigi
Amministratore NEMOTEC SRL