The Official Guideline to the Machinery Directive, issued by the European Community, is being updated. In the current revision proposal (November 2016), there are important clarifications about many critical issues, that have been already addressed in the past by NEMOTEC SRL during our training services and our consulting activities …

The Guideline to the Machinery Directives is directly issued by the European Community and it is universally recognized as the main reference to the interpretations about the Essential Health and Safety Requirements of the Directive itself.
The new revision proposal of the Guideline, currently dated November 2016, contains various modifications to the original document, some of which really important, regarding critical aspect for a practical approach to the 
industrial plant and machineries.

Our first focus is related to one of the most actual subjects: safety and certification issues in modifications to the existing machines.
The Customers of NEMOTEC SRL and all the participants in our past seminars and training courses, know that since 2009 our company has promoted a systematic approach to evaluate if a  modification to an existing machine/plant could affect the original
 safety design and the existing certifications.
Our approach was based on a so-called “announcement” issued by the German Ministry of Labour (IIIc 3 – 39607-3): this approach is finally confirmed and included in the Official Guideline, and we wonder that such fact will end all the past discussions about its application.

In the new proposal of the Guideline, various other clarifications are being included.
For example: a batter interpretation of what we shall consider as a unique complex machine (production line), subject to a single CE certification, and what can instead be left as a set of individual machines with their own single CE mark (even if installed in close proximity exchanging of some functional signals); a final definition of the “put in service” phase for machineries whose commissioning and final assembly is performed directly in the Final User plant; 
various other definitions and classifications about the certification process of particular machines and their safety devices (safety).

After having defended our approach for years in front of Customers, Vendors and Authorities  (sometimes it was not an easy work), we are sincerely proud to see it confirmed in this new official Guideline.

To download the actual proposal update of the Guideline to Machinery Directive, please refer to our contact page, making the request with the subject: MD Guideline.

Riccardo Federigi