• NEMOTEC is a service and consulting company founded in 2004 and originally based in Florence – Italy (IT), qualified in technical and management support activities to industrial and manufacturing companies, working both in the civil and in the military fields.
    Thanks to the experience gained in the last 10 years of activity, the company is now able to offer, with efficiency and competitiveness, specialized consulting services to companies operating in the major public and private sectors.
    The company today has its main headquarter in Sarzana (SP) – Italy, in addition to the first technical and administration office located in Florence (FI) – Italy and to the last technical department for the “paper industry” located in Lucca (LU) – Italy, opened in 2012.
    NEMOTEC establishes close and structured relationships with its customers, strengthened over the years, as demonstrated by the qualifications and partnerships still in force.
    Thanks to the internal team, integrated by the additional network of partnership with external professional technicians and specialized companies, NEMOTEC is actually providing its services to national and global companies located all over the Country and in various areas of European and extra European Market.

    NEMOTEC is certified with Quality Management System compliant to ISO 9001:2008 by TUV ITALIA SPA.

  • In accordance with our “Quality Policy”, NEMOTEC is focused and oriented to a complete Customer Satisfaction, providing all the following issues:

    • Technical and Economic Transparency, providing to all Clients clear Commercial Proposals, defined for costs, targets, limits of our supply, delivery schedules.
    • Efficiency , Flexibility and Quality of all our service, that are managed and planned to be guarantee a “turnkey” support in order to maintain the best ratio possibile between costs and results.
    • On time Deliveries, handling any unexpected problems in full transparency with Clients.
    • Protection of clients’ confidential information and non-disclosure of material information
    • Flexibility to the customer, providing the specific service they needs and in compliance with their organization process.

  • NEMOTEC is actually composed of an internal team of 15 specialized technicians and engineers, with specific and different qualifications covering all the fields of activity involved in the company business.
    Our technical departments are working closely with the management staff: they are divided in different areas considering personal experience and skill;
    Every service and activity provided is assigned to a specific internal department, where a Project Manager is in charge to coordinate and supervise all the related working phases and fulfill the Customer’s requirements and specifications.

    All our technicians have a specific training, in order to guarantee and ensure uniformity of method and approach.